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What’s been said of the legends…

The Pro 12 is impressive; a near-perfect facsimile which sounds like the real thing.

Sound on Sound Magazine on the Pro12 ASB

... if you want to get hold of a dependable, physical clone that sounds phenomenal yet doesn't weigh as much as your Grandma, look no further. Whether in the studio or onstage, there's no doubt that Minimax ASB will bring something special to your sound.

Future Music Magazine on Minimax ASB

... if you've always wanted a Minimoog, but would prefer one in a reliable, affordable, hardware form, the Minimax could be what you've been waiting for.

Sound on Sound Magazine on the Minimax ASB

The Prodyssey ASB is a bold, thoroughly great synth to play. It does sound like the original Odyssey, but it also manages to be its own boss, with its own agenda and tricks.

Music Radar on Prodyssey ASB

The Minimax sounds exactly like the Minimoog. Full stop.

Keyboards Magazine

The CreamWare Minimax ASB is arguably the best Minimoog emulation available. Its sound is undeniably authentic, and the feel of its controls is closer to the original than any software-based virtual Minimoog.

Electronic Musician