Dino Park Board
Dino Park Board
Dino Park Board
Dino Park Board
Dino Park Board
Dino Park Board

Dino Park Board

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For makers. For musicians. For everyone seeking massive sound!

The Dino Park Board comes loaded with three Synthesizer Legends

  • Minimax (polyphony 10 voices)
  • Prodyssey (10 voices)
  • Pro12 (12 voices)

SPECIAL OFFER - When you order on or before September 30th 2019, you will receive the fabulous B4000 organ for FREE - pre-loaded on your Dino Park!

What you get

  • Dino Park Board
  • VSTI control interface for remote control of Dino Park from within your sequencer/VSTI host (free download)

What you need

  • a Power Supply (12V / min. 500mA with 5.5/2.1mm plug)
  • a USB MIDI Keyboard or a Computer for MIDI Input



Main Features

  • autonomous, modular Modelling Synthesizer
  • load and play one Synth Model at a time
  • store up to 32 Synth Models in on-board memory
  • store up to 100 presets per Synth Model
  • MIDI connections made via USB
  • on-board effects (Delay, Chorus)
  • no latency / plays like hardware
  • ready to go into any housing of your choice!

Synthesis Technology

  • various - including subtractive, additive, wavetable and FM 


  • Minimax - 10 voices
  • Prodyssey - 10 voices
  • Pro-12 - 12 voices
  • B4000 - 91 voices (full)

How to Control

  • via USB MIDI Keyboard: MIDI Program Changes and MIDI Control Changes
  • via VSTI Control Surfaces (Mac + PC) across USB MIDI Device Port
  • via GLUE in HYBR or Custom Modes across USB MIDI Device Port

Sampling Rate Bit Resolution

  • 44.1kHz (internal oversampling of up to 176kHz)
  • 32 bit internal digital audio path
  • AD/DA Codec Dynamic Range (S/N) 108dB

Inputs and Outputs (on breakout side of board)

  • Stereo Analog Line Output 2 x 1/4 inch (6.3mm) mono TS connectors
  • USB MIDI Device (to connect to GLUE or Computer as Class Compliant MIDI Device)
  • USB MIDI Host (to directly connect a USB keyboard)
  • DC Barrel connector 5.5mm x 2.1mm (center pin is +/positive)
  • Power Switch

On-Board accessible Inputs and Outputs

  • MIDI Connector (6-Pin) for connection to Dino Park Breakout Board (see MakeKit EX)
  • UCC Universal Control Connectors (6-Pin) - allows for connection to Dino Display, Dino Dials Encoder Tile or your Arduino
  • MIDI input, MIDI thru, MIDI output (LVTTL), via 3-Pin JST connector
  • SPDIF digital audio interface input and output (LVTTL), via 3-Pin JST connector
  • analog audio inputs, left and right channels via 3-Pin JST connector

Additional Features

  • chaining of multiple Dino Parks Boards via SPDIF and internal MIDI connections
  • rotary encoder selects MIDI channel of a Dino Parks Board for stacking
  • digital mixer with lo-shelf and hi-shelf equalizer for mixing of internal and external sound sources

Optional Expansions

  • connect Dino Display (allows to select Synth Model and Preset by name)
  • connect Dino Dial Encoders (8 parameters and 8 quick recall setups at your fingertips)
  • stack multiple Dino Park Boards for multitimbrality (supported expected by October 2019)

Dimensions / Size

  • approx. 165mm (l) x 98mm (w) x 20mm (h)