Dino Park EURO Breakout Kit
Dino Park EURO Breakout Kit
Dino Park EURO Breakout Kit

Dino Park EURO Breakout Kit

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The polyphonic, multi-model Synthesizer for Eurorack... for MIDI-only operation.

Now increasing the sonic potential of your Eurorack has never been easier, or more affordable! For newbies, Dino Park offers an easy, cost effective and gratifying way to start off their rack journey with a big sound foundation. For Eurorack veterans, Dino Park can close a lot of gaps and enrich any Eurorack performance. True “best of” utility in big analog sound with the recall-reliability of digital.

This kit comes loaded with three faithful replica models of synthesizer legends

  • Minimax (polyphony 8 voices MIDI + 2 voices CV)
  • Prodyssey (8 voices MIDI + 2 voices CV)
  • Pro12 (10 voices MIDI + 2 voices CV)

EARLY BIRD OFFER - This product is scheduled to ship within August 2019. When you order on or before June 30th 2019, you will enjoy a special discounted price!

What you get

  • Dino Park Board (dimensions 165mm x 98mm x 25mm)
  • EURO Breakout Module (5 HP)
  • all required cables for interconnect of modules
  • includes Eurorack 16pin power cable
  • VSTI control interface for remote control of Dino Park from within your sequencer/VSTI host (free download)

What you need

  • space in the inside of your cabinet to mount Dino Park separately



Main Features

  • self-contained, modular modelling synthesizer
  • load and play one synth model at a time
  • store up to 32 synth models in on-board memory
  • store up to 100 presets per synth model
  • MIDI connections made via USB or 3.5mm TRS (midi.org spec)
  • on-board effects (Delay, Chorus)
  • no latency / plays like hardware
  • Eurorack level stereo audio input and outputs

Synthesis Technology

  • various - including subtractive, additive, wavetable and FM 

How to Control

  • via USB MIDI keyboard: MIDI Program Changes and MIDI Control Changes
  • via VSTI control surfaces (Mac + PC) across USB MIDI Device port
  • via GLUE in HYBR or custom modes across USB MIDI Device port

Sampling Rate Bit Resolution

  • 48kHz (internal oversampling of up to 192kHz)
  • 32 bit internal digital audio path
  • AD/DA Codec Dynamic Range (S/N) 108dB

Connections on EURO Breakout 

  • stereo Eurorack level audio outputs on 3.5mm mono TS connectors
  • stereo Eurorack level audio inputs on 3.5mm mono TS connectors
  • USB MIDI Device (to connect to GLUE or computer as Class Compliant MIDI Device)
  • USB MIDI Host (to directly connect a USB keyboard)
  • 3.5mm MIDI input (midi.org spec)

Additional Features

  • digital mixer with lo-shelf and hi-shelf equalizer for mixing of internal and external sound sources

Dimensions / Size

  • approx. 128.5mm (h) x 162mm (w) x 75mm (d)